Eye Twitching: Why is my eye twitching?

Eye Twitching is Unusual, Uncontrollable, and abnormal blinking of an eye.

Twitching is somewhat similar to Flutter or Shiver hence, eye twitching is a process when our eye(eyelids) are fluttering or blinking very fast that is different from normal.

We all experienced this type of situation in our life when we lost control of our eye, it constantly opens and closes we become helpless in that situation this is referred to as eye twitching. Also known as a myokymia, blepharospasm, and eyelid twitching.

In Medical Terms, eye twitching is the twitching of the facial muscles which causes the opening and closing of the eye.

Eyelid Twitching
Eye Twitching: Why is my eye Twitching?

In the Above Picture, you can clearly See that eye on the right side is behaving abnormal and it is looking very odd instead of saying eye it will be more precise to say eyelids. It is basically the twitching of the eyelids.

Symptoms of eye twitching

1. Abnormal and uncontrolled very frequent blinking(fast fast blinking) of an eye.
2. Eye irritation that forced us to rub our eyes.
3. Sometimes sensitivity to bright light is also it's one of the symptoms.
4. Since Eye Twitching is caused by facial muscles hence facial Spasm is one of its important symptoms.

Is twitching of the eye is a problem?

We all Have a twitching at least one's life or maybe more than this but we don't face any eye-related issue with it hence it is not a big problem at it occurred once a year or month.
But, When the rate of eye twitching is very high means when eye twitching is severe then it becomes a problem in term of our eye.

  • In this case, the twitching cases cause serious issues like Vision loss.

Causes: Why is my eye twitching?

1. Head surgery or head injuries result in eye twitching.
2. A particular type of nervous disorder in our central nervous system causes our dopamine level to drop down and our movement will be affected by it also led to eye twitching.
3. Eye twitching may also be a result of some medicine that you use for mental health. If you find such a situation then Consult your doctor.
4. Stress:- It has been seen that twitching will mostly occur when you are in mental stress.
5. Drinking a lot of Coffee:- Higher intake of the coffee that directly means a lot of caffeine intake is also another major cause of the twitching in the eye.
6. Tiredness:- In the tired situation our muscles are at their fatigue point which directly shows this type of behavior.
7. Alcohol:- Regular Intake of a higher amount of alcohol is sometimes causing eye twitching which can be prevented by controlling your habit of drinking alcohol.
8. Eye Twitching may be caused when our body does not meet its nutritional intake value.
9. Eye Twitching also is a result of some allergies.
10. Dry eyes will also be a cause of eye twitching.

11. Eye Strain. (Digital eye strain)

7 Tips on how to stop eye twitching?

If you read the above-mentioned causes of eye twitching one by one then you figure out that eye twitching is caused by many factors that are in our hands.

Self Treatment of Eye Twitching includes-

1. Meditate in the natural environment to remove your stress level, depression, and other mental problems.

2. Completely fulfill the requirement of sleep.

3. Take a Proper nutritional intake in your diet.

4. Reduce drinking alcohol.

5. Reduce coffee intake which ultimately reduces caffeine intake.

6. Give your Time to relax your body.