12 Things Your Eyes Are Signaling About Your Body

As we all know our eyes are the window of our soul but other than that they also provide some signals that indicate your body health.

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1. White Spots Infection

If you are wearing contact lenses frequently then pay attention for white spots on your cornea which is the clear layer covering in front of your eyeball this can be a sign of a corneal infection which is relatively common among people who wear contact lenses

2. Eyelid Twitching

Eye Twitching,12 Things Your Eyes Are Signaling About Your Body
Eye Twitching

Stress symptoms can be shown in many ways including eyelid twitching this annoying symptom will go off when you get more rest and manage your stress levels.

3. Triggering of Diabetes

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Diabetes Kit

You must get your eyes checked to tell that blurred vision can indicates a medical problem with the eye itself but also can be a sign of diabetes. The ophthalmologist can tell diabetes during an eye exam based on irregularities in your retina sampled study had reported that patient with blurred vision is coming from 73 percent of diabetic patients

4. High Cholesterol Level

If you notice a white ring developing around your cornea iris you must visit medical a general practitioner for a checkup and an ophthalmologist too. This is an indication of high cholesterol and triglycerides level which can lead to an increased risk of heart attack or stroke.

5. Hypertensive retinopathy

The level of your untreated high blood pressure can damage the blood vessels in your retina known as hypertensive retinopathy. The effect cannot be seen visually by yourself through the mirror however eye exam performed by your doctor we'll be able to spot the damage.

6. Allergies Concern

You should be very familiar that you are unconsciously robbing your eye frequently this is the sign that your eyes are super dry and the skin around is a little warm if you often rubbing your
eye hard that can cause the eyelid to become looser saggy and have wrinkles, however, eyelid sags can lead to increase exposure to air and eye will overly dry beware of the seasonal allergies most common cause of itchy eyes.

7. Vision Have Dots

12 Things Your Eyes Are Signaling About Your Body,Visual Floaters
Visual Floaters 

Did you notice any little dots that move around your field of vision sometimes they are known as eye floaters a natural aging process but if noticed sudden increase then it's a symptom of an emergency that requires prompt attention.

8. Eye Puffiness

If you notice that your eyes are irritated and puffiness the normal assumption is having infection but it is more like a common sign of tiredness and not having enough sleep.

9. Bumps On Iris

 If you noticed any yellowish patch or bug located on the whites to the side of your iris that's known as Pink Aquila. It's a very rare precancerous but usually they are not. This is also a symptom of people who often spend too much time under the Sun and also similar to a callous on the skin recent studies have discovered that ultraviolet lights effects on the eye can be protected from exposure directly by wearing specific lenses to protect the eyes from damage if you notice any patches talk to your ophthalmologist.

10. Eyes Yellowness

Yellow Eye, Jaundice Eye. Eye indications
Eye Yellowness

If you noticed the white side of your eyes are becoming yellow then it's a warning sign telling you that your body has something wrong. The highest rate of this culprit is jaundice an illness that happened when too much yellow compound production from the cause of red blood cells breakdown in your blood if your liver is not able to filter the cells then it can cause your eyes and skin to become yellow even though it's pretty rare in adults happened in babies are born with jaundice sometimes but most of the time in all ages was from the cause of an infection such as hepatitis alcohol-associated liver disease or blockage in bile ducts such as gall stones or cancer.

11. High Tears Up

If you are wasting too much time looking on the mobile phone, the computer screen or television screen these can be causing your eyes to strain and tears up the reason that your eyes will respond by tearing because the tear system of the eye will normally ensure eye wetness enough to
be comfortable without too wet or dry.

12. Eyes Straining

If your eye has a blood-red vessel it is harmless and is not indicative of any eye disease, broken blood vessels must be attentive for treatment but mostly blood red the vessel just indicates your eyes are working overtime too exhausted or most probably caused by coughing or straining.

Recognize these 12 eyes indications so that you can interpret your close one to help them perform a quick check and always advise them to do eye exam if they feel any abnormal worsening condition of their eyes.