Best Dry Eye Drops -Top 3 Artificial Tears Eye Drops

Eye Drop , Artificial Tears, Best Dry Eye Drops -Top 3 Artificial Tears Eye Drops

3 Eye Drops that can help relieve even the most severe dry eyes condition

Refresh Optive Advance for dry eyes

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Refresh Optive Advanced

Refresh Optive Advanced

  • It replenishes all three layers of the tear film it helps replenish the 
  • It really
  • This eye drop 
  • If you're somebody who is either very sensitive to preservatives or if you've maybe had some sort of eye surgery such as either cataract surgery or
  • If you've never seen one of these they come in these little individual dropperettes which are actually
  • Refresh Optive Advanced 


 Systane Drops for dry eyes

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Systane Eye Drops

Systane Complete(Propylene Glycol 0.6%)
Systane brand
Systane has been out for a long time it's a famous name for its systane dry eye drops a lot of eye doctors strongly recommend them and that's because  
  • 2.1 Systane Ultra
  • 2.2 Systane Balance
  • 2.3 Systane Complete

they do not have a non preserved option so you're only gonna find them in the larger bottles and you maybe don't want to use it more than 

Retaine MGD for dry eyes

Dry eyes Drops , Dry eyes, Artificial Tears
Retaine MGD

Retaine MGD (non-preserved) 

Retaine MGD
In Retaine MGD the MGD stands for 

So if you've seen a doctor and you've been told hey you have evaporative dry eye disease you have meibomian gland disease then this would probably be one of the best drops for you to try because 

But it has a strong emphasis on restoring that meibomian gland the lipid layer of the tears, in fact, it's such a so-so geared for it that it actually has its main two active 

But it does help prevent the evaporation of those tears, in addition, this drop has what's a little bit better as well.

Now what's really cool is that this Retaine MGD also 

If you look at it it's kind of a milky color in it and it really does kind of look like milk in that dropperette and that's not that it has been either infected or that somehow it went bad or anything like that but it is normal for this type of eye drop.

But again an excellent option if you're having bad condition.